1. AngularJS - Internship in Silicon Valley
    • For one year, I worked as a front-end web developer fully taking charge of the “Student” product at Zeal Learning, an education technology startup.
  2. React - Resume Analyzer
    • Wanting to learn something new, I built the entire web front-end for a school assignment using React together with tools like gulp and browserify - all of which were new to me.
  3. Ionic - Startup Weekend Singapore 2015
    • Starting with the intention of wanting to learn something new again, I had 3 days to explore Ionic - a HTML5 hybrid mobile app framework - and build a working prototype. I have also written about the experience here.
  4. MEAN - Full Stack SPA
    • Built a fully CRUD SPA using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js displaying, adding, editing and deleting information. Credits to Udemy.
  5. Snappy - Chrome extension
    • Snappy is a super simple Chrome extension that generates a QR Code for the page you are on. I built this quick hack in an afternoon during my school holidays.